Friday, January 27, 2006

The end of the Alamo Mastercard Bowl game this year...

was crazy. Michigan was trying to get into the endzone and fans and bands were coming out onto the field during the final live play. Michigan was lateraling the football back across the field and wrenching out every last ounce of their individual wills to get to their team into the endzone. They came pretty close, and it felt good to see such an effort--Michigan left it all out on the field.
The game ended on a bizarre play, with Michigan's Chad Henne throwing a short pass and his teammates lateraling eight times up and down the field before the play fizzled out with Titus Brothers shoving Tyler Ecker out of bounds at the Nebraska 13. Extra players and some coaches from both teams were on the field as the play finished.

Today I came across video footage of a game that ended similarly.

1982--Cal vs. Stanford.
John Elway was QB for the Stanford Cardinals, and was on his way to greatness. Unfortunately for him and his team, they had little time remaining and it was 4th and 17 from their own 13 yard line.
The game ended similarly to the Michigan game. I think the 6 min version of video is definitely worth watching if you've never seen it. (Yes, a trombonist gets knocked over.)

Sony also made a funny commercial based on the game ending play:


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