Monday, December 05, 2005

Coworker 1st in the Nation

At approximately 9:10 am today, my coworker followed his normal habit of logging onto He loves the content: the USC video clips and the SportsNation surveys, etc.

At 9:10am history was in the making.

Coworker was giving his two cents on what pre-Christmas NCAA football bowl game he would pay most attention to. As he reached forward with his right hand and molded his fingers and thumb onto the contours of the mouse, no one knew the gravity of the moment.


Coworker selected the radio button corresponding to the BYU vs. California football bowl game scheduled for Dec. 22nd and then moved the cursor down to the "vote" button in the bottom-right corner of the box. It was then that he reviewed the results of the survey--a survey result which was 100% for BYU vs. Cal. One hundred percent? What the...? Oh my.

It was then that he reached over and tapped me. I looked at his jaw-dropped expression, and followed his gaze to his screen. His reaction was fitting for the honor which had just been bestowed upon him: first in the ESPN SportsNation.

He quickly suggested that I vote so that I could be the second place voter. I moved quickly and voted. My browsing and clicking was slow and pathetic compared to my gifted coworker.

Coworker was number one in the nation today. I was 1,099th.

Invited to make a comment, Coworker said, "To make up 100% of SportsNation is truly an honor and great accomplishment."


Blogger Cicada said...

Hahahaha. Ahhhh, reminds me of the days of penguin baseball...

10:28 AM  

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