Wednesday, October 12, 2005

gender viewpoint

"Men are idiots. They don't buy flowers often enough for their women," said a 20 year-old female classmate of mine(Lady1), sitting at a table with Man1 and me.
"That may be true," said I looking at the strange expression on Man1's face. Man1 had been on a couple of dates with this young lady recently.
She continued, "From now on, I'm going to remind one man per day to buy his woman flowers. When I become a professional, I'll continue to remind those dense engineers to remember their wives."
"I'm sure you'll mend many-a-marriage," I replied.
Her rant continues: "Men don't ever remember these things like they're supposed to. They need a reminder to help them remember what they're already supposed to be doing."
I sit-up, logically connecting: "You know what? You're right--flower-buying responsibilities of married men have been ignored for too long. Marriages are hurting, and you've inspired me. I'm going to take up the cause, too. From now on, if I see a ring on a lady's finger I'm going to remind her to 'stop nagging' her husband."
At this point there was a divided reaction in my crowd of 2. Man1 put his head down in his folded arms on top of the table hiding his face contorted with the pain of constrained laughing. Lady1 gasped and then shouted, "No wonder you haven't gotten married yet! Women only nag because their husbands do stupid stuff!"
Me: "Oh, you're right. Women are perfect and men are not."
Lady1: "Exactly"
At this point I realized the state of mind of the girl and stopped talking to her about anything but our assignment. Here's what I was thinking I should say: "Your husband is in for a treat. It's a good thing that one of us can control our tongue." She'll probably learn before she gets hitched.

Maybe I should buy Lady1 some flowers later today with a note enclosed. The note will read: "Don't nag your future husband."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off let me say that Lady1 will wise up with years. Time and experience bring knowledge and wisdom, all four of which she is lacking at the age of 20. Fresh and sassy she seems. Although husbands would enjoy the great benefit of pleasing their wife with daily flowers, this is (in reality) a lose-lose situation. When the husband brings home the daily flowers, he also brings home a financial setback, and all who have time, experience, knowledge, and wisdom (Let me remind you that Lady1 has none of these.) realize that financial setbacks bring heartache and heartbreak. The very thing the daily flowers are supposed to eliminate in actuality increases the intensity of it. Another side note: people become unappreciative of the things that they have often. The occasional flower is more appreciated than the daily flower. Another side note: men are smart enough not to nag; some women are smart enough to realize there are more effective ways of getting what they want.

P.S. I surprise my wife with flowers quite often.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Coop said...

Good point, JP. My wife loves to get flowers--if she got them every week or so, there would be no squals of delight, kisses, or better.

Women who feel "entitled" to gifts such as this should never get married. Or have children. It's women like this that make divorces. How about trying to please your husband so that he feels inclined to shower you with gifts? Ever think of selflessness? Now, having a man think that his wife should earn flowers is also an idiot and should not procreate.

Plus, flowers die.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Downtown said...

I appreciate those men who take the time to give flowers to their loved ones. It shouldn't be a daily thing but should be more spontaneous and unexpected. It makes women feel good to recieve flowers, to know someone is thinking about them and cares for them. I think Lady1 needs to realize that there are better gifts to receive than flowers, although an occasional flower here and there always brights up anyone's day.

7:35 AM  
Blogger christovich79 said...

I also appreciate men taking the time to give flowers to their loved ones. I've bought dozens of roses. Many times they are appropriate. My problem isn't even that a girl goes on a crusade to change men's behavior, although it seems like she might have higher priorities. My major problem is that she won't accept someone of the opposite sex having an equivalent crusade. If you're going to have a crusade to stop "crooked" husbands, then you should also cheer for a crusade to stop "crooked" wives.

8:01 AM  

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