Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Funny the way some of our nation's leaders talk about how our nation needs to get back to family values. In the same sentence they talk about how Judge Samuel Alito is too conservative. How can we get back to traditional values without getting leaders that are... (wait for it)... more traditional?

So what are we supposed to think when politicians say this? And who keeps thinking that re-electing Ted Kennedy is a good idea? Must be a mofia thing...

Is this guy some sort of conservative wacko? Should we be upset that this man isn't excited about more abortion rights? Is he an extremist?
He's not. He's a lot like us.

Aug. 25-28, 2005.
ABC News/Washington Post Poll.
"Would you like to see the Supreme Court make it harder to get an abortion than it is now, make it easier to get an abortion than it is now, or leave the ability to get an abortion the same as it is now?"

Harder Easier

Same Unsure



Well that indicates to me that more people think that abortions are too easy to get than too hard. So why are we freaking out? I'm not. I am very willing to give up my freedom to have or support an abortion if that means we can get legislation that promotes effective, functioning families.

Finally, who cares what is extreme or not. I guess in a society where people decide what is right based on what people believed yesterday, then we will just have a relative truth that floats around; truth that is relative to what the masses believe. Floating values bring floating happiness. The kind that blows away or burns away in the intense sunlight. I'm more interested in a rock-solid foundation of happiness. Anybody else? I can see that a huge number of Americans are still on the same page as Alito and me.

Don't be fooled into thinking that Americans have a right to have a pro-abortion Supreme Court. That is fantastic spew from the confused, bitter people. It shouldn't happen unless it's right and good for the American people. The bottom line is that Roe v. Wade should be overturned. Abortion should be a legal exception for very special cases, only.


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