Wednesday, January 04, 2006

USC vs. Texas

The only reason I typed USC's name first is that they are the defending champs. I'll give them respect for that. They also have gone up against arguably stronger offenses. I'm also aware that the Trojans have better interview skills. Bush and Leinart have the microphone skills of Carson Daly, they've been on TV so much. I'm aware that they've had injurred players on defense that will now be playing. I am aware of these points. But it's not going to add-up for a win for the Trojans.

Texas is going to win the Rose Bowl on January 4, 2006 by more than 10 points.


USC's defense hasn't shown that they can do the job needed to stop Texas, whereas Texas has shown consistent, strong, quick, aggressive defense. Texas won't be effectively slowed by USC unless USC focuses on causing fumbles, attacking the confidence of the Texas rush offense. I doubt USC will focus on that. Note that USC does not have any All-American DL or LB players. Texas will have a huge night on the ground. They'll rush over 200 yards. They'll pass for over 200 yards.

USC will still score points, but not as many as Texas. They will score at least 10 fewer points, if not fewer. They'll be slowed down.

Jaws will drop when Vince Young stiff arms half the USC defenders on his way to the endzone. Eyes will widen when Ramonce Taylor grabs a pass on a slant and breaks free.

And when Reggie Bush tries to push Matt Leinart into the end zone (which is against the rules of football, by the way--apologies to Notre Dame), Leinart is going to get pushed right back and into the green turf of the Rose Bowl by All-Americans Rodrique Wright and Michael Huff.

Tonight will be electrifyingly shocking for the "Trojan Nation" and the Longhorns will probably still not get much respect. It'll be called a fluke, and I'll chuckle.

for an immediate laugh, here's a prediction for a writer at the LA Times:

USC 34, Texas 31: Vince Young pushes Selvin Young into end zone for go-ahead score but refs don't call it; Reggie Bush returns squib-kick for game-winning TD. USC flagged for having 12 men on field, but replay confirms officials mistakenly counted Bush twice.

- Chris Dufresne, Los Angeles Times


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one of the most incredible games i have ever seen, hands down.

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