Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wristwatch cellphones??

Retractable headsets? Bluetooth headsets? Holding the phone up to your ear with your hand for 30 minutes?

Eww... look how ugly this thing is. Some company made it. It needs to get better. How could it be improved?

I'll tell you.

I say that the wristwatch should only have the caller ID and very minimal hard buttons (the ignore/snooze-answer buttons, arrows to navigate through a phone book...)
The snooze-answer button is another ingenious idea that came to me. It makes your phone ring an extra number of times, so that your answering system doesn't pick up. It's like a micro-hold feature. That way you can give yourself an extra 30 seconds to prepare to answer (to dry your wet hands, or to go to another room, etc.)

Obviously Bluetooth will communicate through all your cell communication components. You can replace/upgrade them as needed.

The actual phone with the battery should be your belt or maybe some holster-type set-up. Then, very importantly, the belt should also have a snap-in head-set. It fits flush into the buckle or where ever seems convenient. All these components would need to be charged. Wouldn't it be annoying to have to plug all these separate devices into a cord or cradle or something? Yes it would be and there is a more convenienct power charge interface being developed.

I know that some electrical components can be recharged easily by "electromagnetic induction to accomplish wireless charging of devices.."
All you do is set the devices on top of a pad, and the batteries get recharged. Nice, eh?

So, when you get a call, you feel the vibration/hear the ringer. You look at your wristwatch display to see who's calling. If you want to ignore, you press the button on your wristwatch. You also could hit the snooze button, and situate yourself for a conversation. If you choose to answer, then you pull out of your belt the headset, place it in your ear, and press the answer button which is on all Bluetooth headsets.

What do you think about that idea?

Maybe later we could try putting an extra mic/speaker on the phone for quick conversations... I think it would add a bit of bulk to your wrist and powering it would be a challenge if you used it a for hours.


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