Monday, December 05, 2005

Real People of Genius: Unauthorized Celeb-Charger

Real Poeple of Genius
(singing - real people of genius!)

Today we salute you, Mr./Mrs. Unauthorized Celeb-Charger (singing - unauthorized celeb-charger!)

You've lived the real American dream--
(singing - real dream America!)

Anyone can stand back or sit only slightly more forward in their chair when a celebrity enters the room, but you bulldoze ahead unfettered by societal expectation and ordinance.
(singing - Keep on truckin' for the Sun!)

You fanatically run toward your target carrying a sign with content such as: I need to talk to my great-great-great grandpa and hope for an against-the-odds conversation with someone famous that doesn't want to talk to you !
(singing - I love you great-great-great grandpa!)

Thanks to you we can say, "I saw this man/woman charge that famous person at this thing once. What have you ever done?"
(sing - That's right--nothin'!)

So crack open an ice cold IBC root-brewsky Mr./Mrs. Unauthorized Celeb-Charger, breathe in the air of mental instability, and know we speak for ordinary people everywhere when we say, "Good luck making bail."
(singing - Mr./Mrs. Unauthorized Celeb-Charger!)


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