Monday, January 09, 2006

Arrested Development and TV buzz theory

I have a theory. Here's my theory:

Arrested Development will return to a network in one or two years.

The other day i was telling a co-worker about AD
and they said they'd never seen it, but that they'd tune in on Monday to watch it. I thought about it, and then said, "You'd probably laugh harder if you rented the first season first."

So my theory is that FOX thinks the same thing.

People need to watch the earlier episodes to appreciate the richness found in the current episodes. People interprete much of the writing in current episodes as random and unnecessarily zaney. That shows in the saging ratings (not that I've actually seen the authoritative ratings). All I know is that AD is not on tonight, and this is when it usually is. I also know that using yahoo! tv listings search, I find no future airings in the database.

The ratings are suffering b/c new viewers didn't watch the first season and can't appreciate the "call-back" humor. ("Call back" humor is the equivalent of inside jokes with your friends but is instead between a comic and his/her audience.)

Many people got the Family Guy on DVD and became fans. Fox brought the show back. Maybe AD will gain popularity slowly, and next year the show will make a glorious return to reign as king of TV comedy world.


Blogger Justin said...

word on the street is that showtime is going to pick up arrested development.

i think cable would be a great home for AD because there would not be as big of a push for big ratings every night, and they would be given more time a patience to grow a big audience.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Cicada said...

A lot of people (including you, I think) have told me that I need to watch AD. So I think I will rent the first season, thank you very much! Also, I read another post about AD today:

Here's what SquirrelBoy says.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Brandon said...

Unfortunately it doesn't look like the Showtime deal is going to go through according to This article in the Globe and Mail.

I love Arrested Development, and it's a damn shame that it might be off the air.

10:25 AM  

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