Tuesday, January 02, 2007


So I just got done watching one of the most exciting college bowl games ever: the 2006 Fiesta Bowl--Boise St. vs. Oklahoma. You can read about it on ESPN and other sports websites, but let me just say WOW. After a bunch of unusual plays, it all came down to a decisive 2-pt conversion in OT.

Anyway, Oregon St. also did a 2-pt conversion when a 1-pt would tie it. I don't know why football coaches decide to go for 2-pt conversions when they can tie and go to overtime with an extra point kick. I don't know what the average success percentages are for each post-TD play, but I imagine the kick is much higher.

What is going on in a coaches mind to risk the entire game on one play? When I see it, the thought flashing in my mind is, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? TIE THE GAME, AND WIN IT IN OVERTIME!" I guess the BSU coach was just trying to avoid an extension of the game, and he thought he could win.


Blogger Ace said...

Came across your blog by accident. Yeh - I saw that game too. Most amazing last 5 minutes of any game I think I've ever seen. Boise's last 2 TDs and the Statue of Liberty play for the 2 pt conversion were unbelievable. If someone had written a movie script like this, people would have laughed out loud in the theater!

12:26 AM  
Anonymous dave said...

That was an insanely good game

8:11 AM  

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