Thursday, December 07, 2006

Brian Regan is the Man

I'm a huge fan of Brian Regan's comedy. If you're not, maybe you haven't heard it yet. link

Now I can also say that I'm a fan of Brian Regan the person. I saw his show live for the first time (totally fresh material) and then waited around trying to meet him . I did meet him (Huzzah!), and he gave the small group of fans all the autographs and pictures that we wanted. He appeared truly flattered. I was amazed. He was hanging out with us for about fifteen minutes.

Great to meet you, Brian.

If you're familiar with the donut-lady controversy, then you'll understand better his autograph to me that I got a screen shot of below:

(I had him sign my Palm 700WX, and I told him he should try to write a joke about it. He said it was definitely the first time he'd ever been requested to do so. The autograph is clarification of a dispute between my friends in which word we disagreed which word was used in the joke: "ladder" or "latter.")


Blogger Justin said...

that's sweet, Chris. i hope the show was good. i read about it in the salt lake tribune and he seems like a really great dude, really humble.

3:52 AM  

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