Tuesday, December 05, 2006

ATTN: NFL Headline Writer

When a journalist writes headlines, one would think that they would be written based on context.

So when I read headlines that said in effect that the Titans surprised the Colts, and that this was incredibly unexpected, I thought, "Not really a surprise to me."

The first, the context that is missing from the brains of the surprised headline-typers is that the Titans, led by Vince Young, very nearly won their last meeting with the Colts. It took one last drive by Peyton Manning to come from behind to beat the Titans 14-13 (and the game was at Indianapolis). Takes some of the head-scratching out of the article, doesn't it?

Other context is that the prior loss to Indy was Young's second NFL. He is growing through a rookie season, and Young has matured with the team that has five wins in the past seven games.

The only surprise is that the Titans had to pull it out with a 60-yd field goal. I would've expected an easier, more decisive finish.

The headline should read, "First Eli, Now Peyton."


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