Saturday, November 25, 2006

Good Week to Be a Cougar

John Beck deserves a standing ovation for beating the Utah Utes on an amazing final-minute drive of their 2006 rivalry match-up. Doing so, I'll admit that I was doubtful of success after seeing his 4th down conversion in overtime last year. But I was cheering for the Cougars.

At the end of this year's game, they needed a touchdown to regain the lead immediately following Utah's TD score, which put the Ute's up by four points with only 1:19 remaining. After the kick-off, Beck and the Cougars had 75 yards in between them and the opposite end zone. Beck threaded passes to his receivers, and moved the chains.

The final play was at the Ute 11-yard line with 3 seconds remaining: Beck scrambled up and down, left and right in the backfield for what seemed like an eternity. As he scrambled desperately to his right , a defensive player in hot pursuit, he suddenly jumped, twisted, and delivered the ball across his body and across the field. The ball was flying off camera, so I had no idea why this weakly thrown ball was going that direction. I was thinking that the Utes had beat us again. Then I saw TE Johnny Harline appear, alone--sliding down on his knees just a couple yards behind the end-zone line, his arms pulling the ball triumphantly against his chest. Touchdown BYU!

I released a much-needed cathartic cry of victory and danced exuberantly. Then I applauded John Beck and the rest of the successful 2006 BYU Cougar football team. Undefeated in the Mountain West Conference, beating Utah was the crown jewel.

I gave the Cougars a standing ovation.

I also thank the Utes for the preparation and passion.

(here's a video clip for those who want more)


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