Friday, May 19, 2006

Move over eBay!

Perhaps you have heard of the new Live Beta MSN applications being developed.

I think the most intriguing one for me is Windows Live Expo Beta. It's actually quite a bit different from eBay, since it's classified ads, not auctions. Ebay's buy-it-now option is pretty much like this, though.
Expo is a dynamic social listing service that allows members to find and sell items, discover information, and meet other parties in their area – all for free!

With Expo, you can browse and post listings to those you trust, like your buddies, co-workers, and fellow students, or, to all Expo visitors.

In addition, you can map listings easily using MSN Virtual Earth, post a free listing in less than a minute with our easy-to-follow steps, and use instant messages to communicate quickly with other members.

Apparently you can post items for sale for just your MSN buddies, or to other selected communities (college student peers, geogrphically selected people, etc.)

It'll be interesting to see how widespread it's use becomes.


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