Tuesday, April 11, 2006

NFL draft approaching...

Who should the Houston Texans take for the 1st round pick in the NFL draft this year? Some say Vince Young; most of the press says Reggie Bush. What are the normal people saying?

Posted by: Michael Simmons at March 27, 2006 04:55 PM

Oh my goodness, listen to all these Texans fans from Houston saying that vince young would be a better pick than reggie bush!!!! I can't believe you guys think that picking vince young over reggie bush is actually a good idea. What is it that you guys want? Do you think that the Texans organization are actually going to pick vince when an awesome talent like reggie bush is waiting in the wings? I can't believe how blinded you guys are. I'm a diehard Texans fan just like anybody and reggie bush will be that big piece of the puzzle. Vince young being from Houston does not mean anything if you can't win with him. Have you seen how many times m. vick has gotten hurt due to running? link

It's true that some Texas fans may be medically blind, but I must admit that I cannot truly believe that Mr. Simmons owns a TV. If he had a TV he would've at least seen some of the circus-freak-show highlights of Vince Young putting on "one of the most dominating individual performances in college football history, accounting for 467 yards of total offense (200 rushing, 267 passing) and three rushing touchdowns (including a 9 yard TD scramble with 19 seconds left)."link Even the blind people in Texas could feel the inferno of heat that came from Young's scorching performances in the past two seasons.

"Have you seen how many times m. vick has gotten hurt due to running?"
And what about Michael Vick getting injured? Vick is 215 lbs and 6'0'' after 6 years in the NFL. Young is 233 lbs and 6'5'' coming out of his junior year of college. I see a major difference here. Vince hasn't gained all his weight, and he's 5'' taller. An even bigger, more powerful bull Vince will be; Vick is a sprinter with a football helmet on.

"Vince if like Vick is not a good Fantasy player but a fun player to watch them run for their lives." Young doesn't run for his life. Have you even seen him run? He is comfortable, calm, methodical; he is tall enough to see everyone. He glides easily for the yardage that a RB should be getting. Soon he will get to his full NFL weight; he won't be getting injured much. It seems like most QBs get injured when they are small and light-weight, and they don't see people diving over the line into their patella. Young will see them coming, and will be running for an 80-yard TD. The dude survived a car hitting him. (See bottom.)

Reggie Bush is crazy good. Everyone agrees to that. "Bush is a great player but when has a 190 pound running back carried a team on his shoulders to the big game?" That's a good question. Barry Sanders couldn't do it by himself. Reggie Bush has a long way to go to prove he's as good as Barry Sanders.

"Reggie Bush: This guy can run like a beast."
No, I definitely wouldn't describe his running as beast-like. Lindell White was the beast-runner for USC. Bush is more of a finesse runner. He doesn't run straight ahead if there isn't a big hole. As a matter of fact, I'd take Lindell ahead of Bush. He'd be a better bang for one's buck.

"Wouldn't Bush have had better stats if he were the lone star player on his team?"
You can speculate and say, "He would have had double the total yardage!"
If that's true, then how did he get dominated in the Rose Bowl by the Texas defense even with his supporting cast? Maybe other team defenses would've had an even easier time containing him then the Longhorn D if he were the only star! He better have the same supporting cast in the NFL or he will become an expert on the ceiling design of the NFL locker rooms.

The bottom-line: Can Vince carry a team himself? Yes. Can Reggie? Who knows.

And about the Wonderlic scores:

All I need to know about Vince Young is that he came up with one of the greatest performances ever in the Rose Bowl. In the fourth quarter, I saw (USC coach) Pete Carroll throw every kind of blitz at Vince. I saw Vince read the blitz and beat the blitz. I don't care what his Wonderlic score is. The only score I care about is 41-38. --Sean Jones, a member of the Oakland Raiders' personnel department link

If the Texans want to sell tickets, then they should give Vince a call and a big NFL QB check.

Even if Young ended up being a bust, which would mostly happen if there were injury, Houston wouldn't abandon the Texans team. Instead they would be more deeply endeared. But that's a small risk in my mind.

Something you may not know about Vince Young:

At the age of 7, Young was struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle at the corner of Tidewater and Buxley streets in his Houston neighborhood. The accident nearly killed him and left him hospitalized for months[5]. Today, he credits this event for making him into a tougher man. link


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