Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Universal Computer Support

While we think about having state-sponsored healthcare and other gov't programs, why don't we also consider starting a state-sponsored computer operations support program. You don't want people to get left behind just because their computer has a problem.
You could have a center where people could bring in their sick machines. The computer Docs could work their magic, and the information gap could be closed a little more.
Maybe employers could provide computer health plans for their employees.

Isn't computer care a universal right, just like human healthcare?

(look at this poor computer with the sad eyes...)


Blogger sugarpunk said...

hey i live about 2 hours south of ya.. *waving*

11:07 AM  
Blogger General Winchester said...

What i think that the government should do is just set up a state sponsered Internet and just add a little to our taxes, I mean, it would be a lot less than paying 50 bucks a month for a service, it would also be a lot faster and have better upload/download time. The government would probably sponser it because they could just tap anything they wanted to and have more control over it. It would also mean that every home could just tap in.

5:27 PM  
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