Wednesday, March 01, 2006

How Long Gender Discrimination Will Continue

news link: SF Gate

A surname-hyphenating pregnant woman wasn't given a promotion to become captain of the police force. The lieutenant surname-hyphenating pregnant woman thinks she was the best candidate for becoming a police captain, to the point that she's suing the city over the issue. They gave the job to a male lieutenant while she was on maternity leave. She is suing the city for discrimination.

How to look at this:
1) She was tricked into getting pregnant by a man, and then her backward, neo-con city police chief thought that a mother can't do the job of a police captain and a mother. She wanted to become the captain, but he pushed his belief that she needed to stay at home with the baby onto her, unjustly. Then they gave her old potential-position to a non-female. She is the victim of gender discrimination.

2) A police lieutenant got pregnant when she was all lined up to become the next captain. The chief told her that she'd fill the next vacant captain spot. When the spot was vacated, she was pregnant. Pregnant women are not best suited for being police captains. The position needed to be filled, anyway. While she was on maternity leave, the position was filled by another qualified applicant.

How long will this type of discrimination continue?

Probably as long as women do get pregnant and men don't. Probably as long as women look carefully for men with higher paying, more stable jobs, and men continue apathetic about their spouses's employment advancement.


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