Monday, March 06, 2006

Angry Spaghetti Sauce Against North Dakota

It makes me very angry that someone is trying to tell me what I can and can't do! Some people think that abortion is horrible, and liken it to murder.

It's obvious to everyone that I didn't make the choice to get pregnant, so it's awesome that I can kill the baby inside me and go on with my life! Maybe next time, baby! Why would you even want to bring a baby into this world?

Without abortion, I'd have a baby that I would hate and it would grow-up to be a criminal, for sure. The "lesser evil" is for me to killing it. Mercy killings aren't so bad. They make my life easier, and thus, society's collective life is better.

Abortion helps society and dead baby avoid pain and suffering. Who would even bring a baby into this horrible world. Now that I think about it, "life" in general is filled with pain and suffering. We should give mercy killings out more generously!

Let's put some mentally handicapped people to sleep--to the gas chambers with the terminally ill! They are sad and suffering, anyway--guaranteed. We must kill them. It should be illegal not to kill them. Society shouldn't pay to prolong their suffering, should it?

My downstairs neighbor also seems depressed. I'll "off" him next week. Human kind will be better off. I think he speeds in his car, and steals grapes at the grocery store--clearly hurting society. I want to live in a society that eliminates these inefficient pleasure-producers.

Hey, I've suddenly a become a capitalist when it comes to the choice of sacrificing my pleasure-convenience vs. obeisance to archaic religious ideas.


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