Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Warning: Wal-mart Running a Business

If you want to work at Wal-mart, be advised--Walmart is guilty of not running an adult day-care facility. Don't believe me? An "embarrassing" internal memo revealed it recently.(News Link: AFL-CIO)

The profitable Wal-mart may try to hire the healthier people first. (*gasp!)

How dare they successfully make $10 billion in profit and decide to keep on making more, instead of immediately giving some of it to me. (Oh wait, I actually believe they can keep their profits--I was just getting a bit envious.) Here's one of my favorite parts:

A congressional study estimated each Wal-Mart store costs taxpayers an average $108,000 a year for its Wal-Mart workers’ children who are enrolled in state children’s health insurance programs. In 2004, Wal-Mart made nearly $288 billion in revenue in 2004 and made a $10 billion net profit, according to Fortune magazine.
At the state level, working families and health care activists are seeking legislative support for “Health Care Disclosure Acts” that will enable states to determine which corporate freeloaders are shifting their responsibility to provide health care coverage for their employees onto state taxpayers.
Am I suppposed to not laugh?

Wal-mart is freeloading? Wal-mart doesn't have the responsibility to provide health-care to employees. The state taxpayer doesn't have that responsibility either. The INDIVIDUAL PERSON has the responsibility to provide for health care for themselves and family. I know that some people don't share this view.

If a person doesn't have employer-provided health care at their place of employment, then they should find private health insurance. It does cost money, but that's ok. It's a good decision to not freeload off gov't, and an even better idea to enact legislation to eliminate freeloading by our citizens. Wal-mart isn't freeloading, the citizens are. Don't get fooled by the false dichotomy.

Wal-mart isn't perfect, but this AFL-CIO attack on Wal-mart's "embarrassing memo" makes me want to laugh, to continue my education, and then to cut any legal cords binding me to these ridiculous, envy-spewing organizations. If the cords can't be cut, then I will just have to legally defend myself.

Take off the training-wheels, people. You really can keep yourself alive and happy.

You can do it.

"You", not "everybody else."



Blogger Mr Stoner said...

I have to agree with you. I'm so sick of people picking on the companies that are successful. Wal-mart or any other company in business is there for one and only one reason. To be profitable. It is YOUR responsibility to pay for your living expenses. Why should someone else do this? Be it goverment or private, they should not be held accountable for your shortcomings as a wage-earner. Those companies that provide subsidized or free health coverage, do so out of their own policy and desire.

2:54 PM  
Blogger M. Paul Bailey said...

It makes me sad that people are so selfish. We fight so hard to avoid having to pay taxes that go to something so horrible as providing health-care for people. Heaven forbid that I not be able to purchase a second car or a bigger house. After all, if I can make enough money to get all of the goodies I want, who freaking cares about the rest of the world?

12:47 AM  

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