Wednesday, April 26, 2006

plastic surgery

Sometimes I think that plastic surgery is a miracle. I know that some doctors make mistakes when doing plastic surgery, but I figure that I could do a little research and get the best doctor. Sure it might cost a little extra, but it's worth it. Then I see movie stars, who have approximately one bazillion dollars more than I do; they have awful plastic surgery. How could I afford something better than their sad results?
Have you seen this stuff?

Meg Ryan: before and after

Why did she let someone take her picture? Is there no fix for the mistake on her face? It's like the Joker treatment from Batman. I'm freaked out. I flee from the suggestion of plastic surgery.


Anonymous Nancy C. said...

A nose job here, a little liposuction there ... I support plastic surgery.

I do not, however, support the 'Meg Ryan School of Plastic Surgery Thought' that finds collagen injections and cheek implants a great solution to a dampening career.

Sister got seriously carried away.


I don't think plastic surgery or Meg's plastic surgeon are to blame for what happened to her face. My guess is that Meg Ryan likes how she looks. She probably had a ridiculously skewed perception of herself before she went under the knife and her artist/surgeon did what he was told. Don't you think she would sue him if he wronged her? or, Don't you think she would have at least gone back for a do-over?

Celebrity cosmetic surgeons probably bend over backwards to accommodate the desires of their clients, not botch jobs. Maybe we should be criticizing the obedience of her doctor … let all reason fly out the window when demanded to deform a former cutie pie.

Shame on Meg’s doctor.


3:48 PM  
Blogger christovich79 said...

so you're saying she wants to look like that... interesting... could be true.
I wonder if we could find any quotes from her about her appearance: something beyond speculation.

1:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She looks bloated to me, like from steroids. People taking steroids for medical purposes look just like that.

Well, except for the lips. I think those were probably just a mistake, but I think that's temporary.

Why would you want plastic surgery???????????????????

10:39 PM  

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