Tuesday, October 30, 2007

web browsers

I wish that browsers could get a little more efficient. When you look at a normal web site, it probably has 20 to 40 links on it, and your browser seems completely surprised that you are clicking on one of those links. Why can't the computer anticipate a bit. My idea would be that all the links would start to download the html of the linked pages when you are looking at the first page. That way when you click slowly through a bunch of linked web sites, things go more quickly. The browser would give priority to the initial page, and once it is completely loaded, then it would start loading the "secondary" linked html. When I say html, what I'm trying to say is that the text of the web pages could be pre-loaded.

I'm aware that sometimes this wouldn't be much of an advantage, for web sites with 1000 links. Most pages aren't like that, though. I figure I could surf 10 times faster with such a browser. Another problem would be security. Some pages are more likely to load malware onto your computer, and you don't really want that. For that, I figure a filter, like Google uses could help the browser avoid web site domains that have bad reputations.

What else am I not thinking of?

Thursday, October 25, 2007


When will someone make a bluetooth watch that isn't only for Sony Ericsson phones?

I like this watch, and I bet it barely even works except with one particular phone model, but hey, it's a great step forward in my book.

Information on your wrist
When a new text or picture messages arrives, your watch lets you know. It even tells you if you move out of range of your phone.

Press play
Control your phone's MP3 player with your watch. Use the button to play, pause and skip to the next track.

I'm sure they designed this partially because of reading and responding to my old post.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nobel Peace Prize for Damnable Pseudo-Science?

Is it weird to give the peace prize to an individual/group whose efforts have indirectly been good for the world? Let's look at the last five award recipients:

'06 -- Muhammad Yunus--Entrepreneur--"Banker to the Poor" in Bangledesh--microcreditor

'05 -- Mohamed ElBaradei--Egyptian--anti-nuclear-weapon director of IAEA

'04 -- Dr. Wangari Muta Maathai--Kenyan parliamentarian--"The Tree Mother of Africa" fighting soil erosion

'03 -- Shirin Ebadi--Iranian Lawyer--fights for women's and children's legal status

'02 -- Jimmy Carter--former US president--anti-death-penalty, SALT

I guess the former VP and his campaign are not outside the norm for receiving the award.