Sunday, December 02, 2007

proud moment

So the other day I get my cell phone bill from Sprint, and my bill, which is normally around $45 was $125. It appeared that my text messaging got a little out of control this past month, and extra texts added up to $80. Sprint recently upped the rates for txt mssging to 0.20 /per txt. That is quite high. But I also had the concern that I was getting charged for duplicate incoming and outgoing messages. Delys told me she got duplicates from me, and I got duplicates maybe 20% of the time or more. So I called Sprint, and the customer service person said they would grant me 20 free messages. I said that I was looking for closer to 140 free messages, if not more. She said that she'd "check the system." She came back and said that the system indicated that no duplicates had been sent to or from my phone. I was like, "No, I definitely have a record right here on my phone. I have no confusion about this, and I think this will be easy to prove. Should I visit a local Sprint store?" She said, "It appears that these are valid charges, sir."

me: "I understand that your system doesn't allow you to see the invalidity of these charges. I don't accept that."

her: "If I send you to my supervisor it won't help you. She'll say the exact same thing as me. These are recorded as valid charges."

me: "OK, let's talk to the supervisor. We'll see how much I can convince her."

(I'm on hold for 5 mins)

supervisor: "What's the problem?"

(I recap)

supervisor: "OK, sir. We'll give you two options. Either you sign-up for unlimited texting, and we'll forgive the charges completely, or you can just take 50% off from these txt charges."

me: "ummm... I'll just take the 50% off."

So now I'm going to try and stay under the limit, or at least fewer than 50 messages over.

At least my bill didn't look as scary as this guy's. Very funny.


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