Friday, October 06, 2006

nice weather in oakland

I'm aware that everyone will scream that I'm a fair-weather-fan for cheering for the Oakland Athletics. I'm normally a Chicago White Sox fan, and I'm aware of the bitterness between the GM of the Chisox and Frank "the Big Hurt" Thomas. However, I've always cheered for Frank. I had a t-shirt as a child with Robin Ventura, Frank Thomas, and Time Raines on it ("Triple Threat"). I saw the Tigers in Detroit mostly because I wanted to see him with my own eyes (which I did).

It's unfortunate that Frank and the White Sox can't be together, for my benefit; I understand that sometimes relations get screwed up. People become enemies, and that's horrible, but it happens to the best of us. The Chisox got their sugar last year. To make it sweeter for the As, Frank doesn't have a history of performing in the post season.

So, let me just say congrats to Frank Thomas and the Oakland Athletics. You guys sure weren't the favorites, but you overcame the odds. I'll be excited to see you guys compete in the ALCS. I hate the Yankees, so I'm hoping to see Tigers vs. As.


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