Friday, August 25, 2006

Protesting a job that is better than yours

This is a great article pointing out the irony of an anti-Wal-Mart union. I promise you'll laugh.



UCFW organizer Bill Hornbrook: "Wal-Mart has no benefits at an affordable rate. The (Wal-Mart) workers can't afford the insurance with the wage they're making. We'd like to see them improve their working conditions," Hornbrook said. "The Neighborhood Markets are the same as a supermarket like Albertson's or Safeway. Some supermarkets start (pay) at $7 an hour, but they do get benefits. These people (employees at Wal-Mart) have to pay for theirs," Hornbrook said. So the UCFW is protesting each of the five new Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets in the Vegas area; this one in Henderson opened June 29.


Wal-Mart employee: "The average rate of pay for Nevada Wal-Mart workers is $10.17 an hour. We have a good insurance program, and every associate—even part-timers—are eligible for the 401k," says Mark Dyson. "There's actually different levels of insurance, dental and medical—I have a $500 deductible, but there's no cap on it. Some other companies' plans have a $1 million cap, but here there's no cap. For example, not long ago we had an associate whose husband needed a liver transplant, and that alone was $600,000; but they didn't have to worry about a cap."

Who do you trust? A union head or someone who actually works there.


Blogger M. Paul Bailey said...

Who do you trust? A union head or someone who actually works there.

I, personally, would be more likely to trust the union head. The union is dealing with the entire organization as a whole. An individual worker is talking about his individual store. Each store may differ from another in their particular compensation plans. In fact, Mark Dyson even admits that different stores have different caps.

Also, a little research shows that Mark Dyson is the store manager in Henderson. That makes him just about as trust worthy as the union guy in my opinion. Both are telling the story that is in their best interest to tell.

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