Sunday, September 03, 2006

Did You Ever Dance with a Crocodile in the Pale Moonlight?

The news reports of the death of CROCODILE Hunter, Steve Irwin is spreading like wildfire.

How did he die? How did he cheat death for so long? Many questions would race into the minds of his fans and critics. It's no surprise that news of his death would move quickly. Let's be honest; we're curious to hear if it would be darwin award worthy.

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Darwin Award link 2

A stingray apparently pierced his chest with its poison-tipped tail during the filming of his diving expedition. How sad, bizarre, amusing... a mixture of emotions.

We can all take comfort in the thought that Steve is in a better place. No doubt he is tramping recklessly through the big swamps in the sky. Meanwhile, we must find a way to move on with our lives.


Blogger General Winchester said...

I have never danced with a crocodile, but I have danced with Batman, ewwwww.... those smooth latex covered thighs really bring out the thrills of night life... wink wink... nudge nudge. I think it is sort of ironic that he was not in fact killed by the animals to which is given the most caution, but in fact those that are not thought of as dangerous at all. This is a strong offensive tactic by the animal kingdom, I submit this as the first of many strategic strikes by those that wish to assume rule over this earth. Has anyone ever read Animal Farm? Melville might of been seeing something in his farce, and do you know where this whistle blower is now-a-days? He's dead, undisputed proof that we should begin to defend our right to dominate this planet by adding more species to the endangered list and keeping things animals where they truly belong, on my plate and on my wall.

7:51 AM  
Blogger christovich79 said...

I will never set foot in an ocean again.

5:38 PM  

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