Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dark Knight Movie Review : 7/10

Let's do the math: how did I add up to 7 points? I'm giving the movie 5 points for Heath Ledger's acting, by itself. I'll give 1 point each for Bale, Gyllenhaal, Oldman, and 2 for Caine (= 5 +1+1+1+2=10). Minus one point for the script going back to "comic-booky" after the significant departure therefrom in the first movie (10-1=9). Where did the Joker get all his power? I found it difficult to believe that he could maintain power and his apparent influence and and still lack of vulnerability.

And why did they use CG on Two Face? It was simply distracting: minus one point for that (=8). And I didn't like the lines for Eckhart's Harvey Dent: minus one (=7).

Otherwise the movie had a good amount of darkness and intensity, which I enjoyed. But it also seemed both a bit repetitive (violence against look-a-like Batman's and Joker giving speeches) and was kind of hard to follow (like when Batman was using his cell-phone-sonar vision). That vision gimmick seemed like a pointless reach, too, but I won't subtract anymore for that.